Benefits of Jade Rolling: Anti-Aging & Beauty Supertool

benefits of jade rolling collagen boosting

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More than three-fourths of women (76 percent) agree that if their skin looks good, they feel good. Do you feel the same? If so, you definitely ought to look into the benefits of jade rolling.

Never heard of a jade facial roller before?

Well then, you're in the right place.

Let's read on to learn more about the benefits of a jade roller for your face... 

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What Is a Jade Roller?

Used by Chinese women for centuries, jade rolling is emerging as an easy, popular handheld beauty tool used for skin care and facial massage.

It features one or two smooth jade stone heads attached to a handle that you can use to gently roll the stones across your face.

Each stone tends to be a different size to work on all parts of your fact. 

6 Benefits Of Jade Rolling

Here are six anti-aging benefits of jade rolling you'll want to know about:

Increases Collagen Production

The jade roller and collagen work together to help stimulate new collagen production. 

Why is that important?

Collagen protein is often called the 'glue' that holds the body together, especially the skin. As you age, the body doesn't make as much new collagen. That leads to wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, cranky gut, smaller muscles--you get the message.

Jade rolling, by default, the rolling helps encourage new collagen production which helps plump the skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It can help increase blood flow, skin healing, reduce the appearance of scars, especially acne scars.

Improves Detox Processes

Jade rolling can stimulate your lymphatic system, too.

The lymphatic system plays a key role in helping the body to get rid of toxins and waste products.

By using a jade roller on a regular basis, you'll also be able to improve blood circulation. get rid of fluid-buildup (goodbye, puffiness) and help your body to detoxify in a more efficient way.

Collagen induction therapy, otherwise known as dermarolling or microneedling, is another anti-aging skin care approach you'll want to check out.

Level Up Your Skin Care Products

Think about how much money you spend on serums and other skin treatments. Don't you want to make sure your skin is actually using them?

Another one of the benefits of jade rolling is it helps push your skincare products deeper into your skin.

You might even find that you need to use less of the skin care products when you combine them with jade rolling, which is great for your skin and your wallet.

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Chemical-Free Skincare

If you have sensitive skin, jade rolling can be a good fit for you because it's a chemical-free option.

Soothing and Cooling

Jade rolling helps to soothe and cool down the skin.

It feels great on a warm night when you're getting ready for bed (especially if you store it in the refrigerator or freezer in between uses).

If you hate waking up feeling like your face is swollen, or if you get warm during the day and find your skin turning red, using a jade roller can be an effective and quick fix.

Glow from Within

When you roll a jade roller across your face, you stimulate blood flow and "wake up" your skin.

If you struggle with dullness and want your skin to look a little more "alive," jade rolling is a simple practice that can make a big difference. 

How to Use a Jade Roller

Clearly, the benefits of jade rolling would make a great anti-aging gift to yourself (and others, including men!).

You might be wondering how to use one to enjoy all the benefits listed above, though.

Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your jade roller:

  • Start with freshly cleaned skin
  • Apply your favorite serum/treatment if desired
  • Start by rolling the neck, moving in an up-and-down motion from one side to the other
  • Use medium pressure
  • From the neck, move up the jawline (start with the center of the chin and work your way across toward the earlobe, doing 5-6 up-and-down strokes before repeating on the other side)
  • Next, roll the forehead (start with the center and work out toward each temple, doing 5-7 up-and-down strokes before repeating on the other side) 
  • Finally, roll across the eyes (start from the inner corner and work your way out and up toward the brow bone, then roll the under eye area and around the outer corners where you may have crow's feet — do 10 up-and-down strokes on each side)

Keep in mind that jade rolling isn't a good fit for everyone.

Those who have skin rashes or cold sores ought to avoid this practice until their skin has cleared up.

The same is true of those who struggle with acne, as rolling can spread bacteria across your face and make breakouts worse.

The Benefits of Jade Rolling Explained

As you can see, there are lots of benefits of jade rolling that you can enjoy when you start using this tool on a regular basis.

Check out our guide today to learn about the best jade roller options on the market.

When you enjoy the benefits of jade rolling, you won't want to ever be without one!


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