5 Best Brands Of Fish Collagen [2021]

best brand fish marine collagen

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Women across the world have always understood that beauty comes from within. It's about what you put into your body, day by day, year by year. The right foods and right dietary supplements can go a long way to hold off the harsh effects of the aging process. As a matter of fact, In this article, we focus on creating and enhancing your beauty from within with collagen supplementation by reviewing the five best brands of fish collagen.

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Our Winner After Many Hours of Research

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Amandean Marine Collagen

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Smarter Nutrition Triple Action Formula




5 Best Brands of Fish Collagen Reviews

1. Amandean

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First up in our review of the best brands of fish collagen is from Amandean.

Amandean is a collagen protein powder that's unflavored, easy-to-mix and you can be creative by adding it to your breakfast smoothie or your morning coffee for example.

It should be noted, the fish used in Amandean is from the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and packaged in the United States. 

Not only that, but batches are also third-party tested for heavy metals.

Each serving has a healthy dose of 10 grams of hydrolyzed collagen and a minimal 45 calories.

You also get a massive 50 servings in one tub. Compared to other suppliers of marine collagen, Amandean Marine Collagen is a great value for your money.

Amandean has non-GMO ingredients and contains no gluten, wheat, corn, eggs, dairy, soy, or yeast. 

With complete confidence in their product, you can try Amandean risk free with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee so there is no risk to

Like with any supplement, it's important to consistently use it to see the positive results.

Quick Review

  • 10 grams of fish collagen/serving
  • The fish used is sourced from the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean
  • You'll enjoy a tasteless and odorless collagen powder
  • Third-party tested for heavy metals
  • A great value for your money
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee

2. Smarter Nutrition Triple Action Formula

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Next up in our review of the best brands of fish collagen is from Smarter Nutrition. We really like their unique, protein powder formula and you're going to love your vibrant, healthy-looking skin.

We love to use a frother to thoroughly mix our collagen powder, it sits on the counter and is easy to use and clean.

First off, if you are a vegetarian (or Flexitarian) that eats fish, or you follow a keto diet plan, you're going to love this version of marine fish collagen.

Next, not only does each serving offer 10 grams of marine collagen per serving, you will also get a plant-based, natural blend of collagen-producing ingredients like these:

  • Blueberry, black currant, crowberry: known as 'internal sunscreens'
  • Green Tea: helps protect against damaging outside factors
  • Vitamin C: required for the synthesis of collagen and an inflammation fighter
  • Calendula (Marigold Flower): helps shield existing cells from free radical damaging effects of environment and lifestyle (alcohol, smoking, too much sun)

The fish in this product is sustainably sourced from the deep, clean pristine waters of the South Pacific and is manufactured in the United States.

Users report loving the blueberry muffin-like smell and taste and this powder would be great to use in your baking projects.

The proof of using Smarter Nutrition Skin Collagen is in the results of actual participants. 

In a dermatologist-conducted clinical study, the participants enjoyed noticeable changes in wrinkles, pore size, lightened age spots and improved skin texture.

And they didn't have to wait to see these results in months of use--and the results only got better over time.  

We love the formula of this fish collagen supplement, who wouldn't want to experience those kinds of anti-aging results? Get started with Smart Nutrition today!


  • 10 grams of marine protein/serving
  • Proven clinical results from using Smarter Nutrition Skin Collagen
  • Fish is sourced directedly from the South Pacific
  • A plant-based formula that helps to create new collagen and protect existing collagen
  • You can reduce the price per serving by purchasing multi-packs

3. Neocell

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Third in our review of marine collagen is in capsule form and from Neocell.

Not only does each serving of 4 capsules provide 2 grams of fish collagen, but you will also get a healthy dose of these anti-aging ingredients too:

  • Vitamin C: required to synthesize amino acids into collagen protein
  • Vitamin Bs 6 and 12: may help mood, PMS symptoms and proper functioning of your nervous system
  • Magnesium:  crucial for healthy muscles and bones, relief of heartburn or indigestion
  • Zinc and Copper: minerals required to create new collagen

Also, the company puts hyaluronic acid into their marine collagen formula. As we know, hyaluronic acid is crucial to keep the body well hydrated from the inside.

Finally, Neocell is made in the United States, is certified paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and contains no soy, lactose, or artificial flavors and is non-GMO (IGEN tested). 

However, you'll want to know the capsule is made from bovine-sourced gelatin.

We love the extra collagen-boosting ingredients in Neocell and am sure you will too!

Quick Review

  • T2 grams of marine collagen protein/per serving
  • The source of fish not identified
  • Hyaluronic acid is included on the ingredient list
  • Also includes Vitamin C, zinc and copper--all required to make new collagen protein
  • Valuable magnesium, vitamin Bs 6 and 12 are in the formula 
  • The capsule is made from bovine-sourced gelatin

4. Codeage

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Next in our detailed review article is Codeage Marine Collagen powder. Codeage is made from wild-caught cold water white fish in North America and let's find out more about this high-quality fish collagen powder. 

Actually, each serving contains 9 grams of collagen types I and III of fish collagen per serving and only 33 calories.

We love that the Codeage formula is gluten-free and paleo-friendly. In fact, it’s a pure collagen solution with no additives, preservatives or sulfites.

There is no taste or after-taste of this marine collagen peptide powder. You can have the freedom to mix it in a liquid like water, coffee or smoothie, and you can also bake and cook with it too.

In closing, Codeage hydrolyzed collagen is made in a cGMP-certified facility in the USA and third-party tested--a high-quality marine collagen supplement you can feel great about taking.

Quick Review

  • 9 grams of marine collagen/serving
  • Cold-water fish sourced from the North Atlantic
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • No fishy flavor or after-taste
  • Pure ingredient list, only one ingredient

5. Fitindex

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Finally, the last in our best brand for fish collagen reviews is in a collagen pill format. If you like the idea of taking your marine collagen supplement in convenient capsule form, then this is the product for you!

Each bottle comes with 126 capsules each and the recommended serving size is 4 capsules which means there are 30 servings per bottle. (Of course, you can adjust the dosage to your liking.)

Furthermore, there is 1.472 grams per serving of marine collagen in Fitindex.

We love the clean nature of Fitindex, the only ingredient is wild-caught deep-sea fish skin. Also, this product third-party tested for heavy metals and lab-verified, so you can feel confident in the quality of marine collagen supplement that you're putting into your body.

Made in the United States in an approved research facility, Fitindex uses enzymolysis technology that doesn't destroy the natural chemical structure of collagen peptides. Even more exciting that you'll get the purest form of collagen protein possible.

Please be aware however that the gelatin capsules are made from a bovine source.

In closing, we love that the company allows you to try their supplement risk free with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Quick Review

  • 1.472 grams marine collagen/serving
  • Only one ingredient--wild-caught cold-water fish skin (not scales)
  • Third-party tested for heavy metals
  • The capsule is made from bovine (cattle/cow) sources
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


After searching the market for the best brands of fish collagen available to buy on Amazon or elsewhere, our editors have chosen Amandean Marine Collagen.

The editors loved the 'clean', high-quality ingredients in Amandean fish collagen peptide and believe it's the best value for the dollar.

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Click on our runner-up to learn more

The close runner-up noted by our editors is Smarter Nutrition Triple Action Formula.

The editors love when there are other helpful ingredients along with the fish collagen that can really help your body boost collagen production and also protect the collagen your body already has.

Try the one of the best brand of fish collagen protein powder supplement today and start to turn back the hands of time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is collagen protein?

We can't talk about fish or marine collagen without talking about what collagen is.

Actually, collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, in both women and men. It's a large, long, strong and flexible protein that is often referred to the scaffolding that holds your body together.

It's made up of a unique chain of amino acids that is synthesized by vitamin C, zinc and copper. These amino acids include glycine, proline and hydroxyproline and are important for many vital functions in your body.

Unfortunately, your body starts slowing down new collagen production starting in your late 20s.

Not only that, over your life, you'll participate in other lifestyle activities like too much sun, stress, lack of sleep and water and unhealthy foods that also damage the collagen that your body is hanging onto.

The collagen deficit that's created reflects in what you see in the mirror and feel in your body. For example, you'll start to see fine lines, deep wrinkles, less skin elasticity and dry skin.

In addition, the cartilage in your joints starts to be affects by less collagen and hyaluronic acid, which keeps things lubricated.

Also, you may start to feel your achy joints that can stop you from enjoying your day-to-day activities.

Researchers and experts in the anti-aging, health and wellness scene discovered that extracting collagen protein from the unused parts of animals could be the fountain of youth everyone had been seeking. 

Furthermore, the discarded parts caused a heavy environmental impact.

And collagen supplements were born!

What is fish collagen?

Fish collagen is derived from the scales, fish and bones from the unused parts of fish.

What's unique about fish collagen is the extracted collagen protein is smaller in size than bovine collagen or chicken collagen. That's important because a smaller protein is more usable by the body.

Furthermore, the extracted collagen protein is made into even smaller pieces of amino acid chains called peptides using water (called hydrolyzation)--which makes the marine collagen even more bioavailable.

In addition, fish collagen has more concentration of the amino acid glycine which is known for regulating sleep among other important functions in your body.

Not only that but also marine collagen is especially rich in collagen types I and III.  

These two types of collagen are known to help support radiant and youthful skinhair and nails, muscles, sagging skin, connective tissues, joint and bones.

It's true that no collagen peptide supplement can take you back to looking and feeling like you're a teenager, but you can fight back by adding a high quality fish collagen supplement to your daily routine. 

Double-check with your health care provider before starting a new supplement and get started on your anti-aging efforts today...

Does fish collagen smell or taste fishy?

As we talked about here, hydrolyzation not only breaks the fish collagen down into peptides so it's more bioavailable, but it also removes any smell or fishy taste from the collagen peptide powder.

What are the hydrolyzed marine collagen benefits?

Collagen supplementation has visible benefits that you too may enjoy.

Not only might you experience less wrinkles, fine lines and more even tone and improved texture, but also better joint support and less pain, stronger connective tissue, stronger, sexier hair and harder nails.

Each body is different, with consistent and prolonged use of a fish collagen peptide powder, you will be able to see how your body loves the extra protein!

Are there side effects from taking fish collagen?

What is fantastic about using hydrolyzed marine collagen to create beauty from within is there are little to no adverse side effects that you'll have to worry about.

Of course, if you have an allergy to fish, then you definitely don't want to use a marine collagen supplement.

Also, make sure you consider the other anti-aging ingredients in the formula for any other possible challenging.

All in all though, the majority of people taking fish collagen will enjoy a flavorless powder with no negative side effects.