4 Best Collagen Cream for Acne Scars [2021]

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If you've battled the effects of acne in the past (and even now), you probably have unsightly acne scars that affect your confidence and take away from your natural beauty.  In this review, we searched for the best collagen cream for acne scars.

Sure, you could go to a dermatologist and put harsh chemicals on your face to get rid of your unsightly acne scars...but is that the best thing for your delicate skin?

Each product in our review is effective and high-quality, so you can feel good about using any of them to fade your acne scars on your face and other places on your body.

To learn more about the body's healing process, our article on how collagen can help wounds heal discusses that in more detail.

Let's get started to find what is the best cream for acne scars...

Our Winner After Many Hours of Research

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Aroamas Advanced Scar Gel

Our Rating

Collagen Acne Scar Creams Rating Chart

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Our Rating

Aroamas Advanced Scar Gel

Majestic Pure's EGF Scar Serum

Keeva Organics Acne Scar Treatment Cream

ASDM Beverly Hills

4 Best Collagen Acne Scar Creams for Face Review

1. Aroamas Advanced Scar Gel

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Aroamas is highly recommended by pharmacists and surgeons alike. Furthermore, the most important aspect, users report excellent results from consistent use.  

In addition, this product is odor -ree, clear and fast-drying. It's excellent for children, adults and those with sensitive skin.

Because the silicone comes in a gel instead of a silicone sheet, it's especially good for visible scars from acne. In addition, it's easier to apply instead of a silicone sheet.

Once the gel dries, you can put makeup and sunscreen on over the gel.

Silicone works all day and night and has been used since the 80's. It's clinically proven to regulate collagen production and the results are impressive: an 86% reduction in texture, 84% in color and 68% in height of scars.

Remember, you don't want too much collagen production in healing any scar.

Aroamas scar treatment products are made in the US at a FDA-registered facility and with FDA-approved ingredients.

Further, the company stands by their product with a 100% money-back guarantee.

This product may be exactly what you've been looking for to help reduce unsightly acne scars!


  • Been around since the 80s, excellent reputation for effectiveness
  • Highly recommended by pharmacists and surgeons
  • Helps to reduce over production of collagen/scar tissue
  •  Superior silicone gel
  • 100% money-back guarantee

2. Majestic Pure EGF Scar Serum for Face

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Our next product in our acne scar-healing cream review is made in the United States and is not tested on animals.

Majestic Pure's EGF Scar Serum includes EGF, witch hazel and frankincense oil, among many other wound-friendly ingredients. It's designed to work with all skin types.

Expanding on the ingredient list, witch hazel helps protect collagen in the skin and frankincense oil has been shown to help reduce the over abundance of collagen production. (Too much collagen production can lead to unhealed, raised scarring.)

Furthermore, the list includes EGF (epidermal growth factor) which is a unique ingredient that helps to generate the layers of skin involved in the wound healing.

Lastly, as you'll see from the reviews, users of this product experienced very good results. It not only helps to heal current acne scars, it also prevents future breakouts that could lead to more scarring.


  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Users loved how their skin felt
  • Witch hazel helps protect collagen and frankincense oil helps monitor collagen production
  • Preservatives listed on ingredient list

3. Keeva Organics

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Keeva Organics is a high-quality scar-lightening cream and could be the solution you've been looking for?

Made by an American company, Keeva only goes to the purest sources for their acne scar treatment cream.

The company doesn't use any parabens, harmful chemicals or sulfates, neither do they test on animals. It should be noted, they stand by their product with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Their proprietary formula contains natural ingredients, several that help to create new collagen and keep the collagen you are already have:

  • Rosehip Seed Oil: Rich in vitamins A and C, which are necessary to produce collagen. In addition, rosehip has been shown to reduce the creation of MMP-1, which is an enzyme that breaks down collagen in the body.
  • Sesame Seed Oil: High in zinc, which is required to make new collagen
  • Squalene: Been shown in studies to help generate new collagen (and effective in treating acne)
  • Grape seed extract: Believed to help protect existing collagen

Other ingredients like olive oil and hyaluronic acid both of which do a great job to keep the skin soft and hydrated. As a result, current acne scars start to 'fill in' or even disappear.

One of the main ingredients in Keeva's acne scar treatment cream is tea tree oil.  Tea Tree Oil is a natural substance from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant that helps reduce the instance of bacterial infections of the acne wound. Also, it works as an anti-inflammatory (inflammation is the first of three steps in healing a wound). 

Keeva's acne scar cream helps address current breakouts to avoid scarring. It also helps to avoid future breakouts. 

We're excited to introduce you to Keeva Organics and believe you will love the results of using this collagen product for acne scars.


  • Positive, real-life results and testimonials
  • Naturally-sourced collagen-protecting/producing ingredients
  • Tea tree oil is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
  • Made in the US
  • 100% money back guarantee

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Last but not least, the next acne scar healing cream in our review is from ASDM Beverly Hills. 

This cream is manufactured in the United States at a FDA-registered, cGMP-approved facility and meets or exceeds standards and guidelines.

Since 1998, the company has invested in R & D and has become one of the most trusted skincare brands in the country. 

ASDM Beverly Hills acne scar healing cream includes tepezcohuite.

Tepezcohuite, a natural collagen stimulator, has been studied by several universities and health ministries. The results showed to be an excellent way to manage the wound-healing process.

In addition, there is honey, mango oil, grape seed oil and aloe vera on the ingredient list:

  • Honey: known as a wound-healing helper and helps our body produce more collagen. 
  • Grape seed extract: believed to help protect existing collagen. 
  • Aloe vera: can help create new collagen in the skin (which is why the plant is used by families to treat every-day wounds and burns).

If you're allergic to trees, the tepezcohuite may cause a reaction. Also, there were users that were turned off by the smell--if you're sensitive to smells, this may not be the product for you.

Finally,  there is no risk to try ASDM Beverly Hills cream. The company pledge that if you're not completely happy, they will rush through a full and fast refund--no need to even send the product back.


  • Active ingredients include tepezcohuite, honey, aloe vera and grape seed oil
  • Those with tree allergies will want to avoid
  • The smell may be too much for some
  • Manufactured in an FDA facility using good manufacturing practices
  • Well-known and reputable skincare company
  • Lowest cost per ounce
  • Generous return policy, no risk to try this product!


Acne scars on your face and body can be a source of embarrassment and confidence-killer. However, you must consider the product's ingredients and effectiveness in determining which product might be best for you.

After looking at the ingredients, cost, effectiveness and feedback, we recommend Aroamas Advanced Scar Gel. It is highly recommended by doctors and surgeons, results are positive, silicone is an effective wound treatment approach.

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The second choice we would recommend is Majestic Pure's EGF Scar Serum. The natural collagen-producing and -protecting ingredients are re-assuring.

Either way, you can enjoy the process of seeing your acne scars lightening and helping to avoid new scars from forming.