Collagen Coffee Reviews for Single Serve Cups [2021]

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Do you want an easy way to get your collagen protein in for the day? The answer lies on your countertop. Our in-depth collagen coffee reviews will give you the answers that you need to start your day in a healthy way.

Of course, many brew their own pot of coffee and add in collagen peptides powder to their cup. 

However, for some, that's not convenient or cost-effective, that's where single serve collagen coffee comes in handy!

With a single-serve brewer or simply hot water, you can enjoy a cup of coffee whenever is convenient for you. 

Why collagen is important

When you were born, you had lots of collagen in your body, 

Unfortunately, as part of the natural aging process, your collagen production and collagen intake began to slow down. 

What happens when collagen production slows down?

Everyone is different, however, when collagen production slows, people often start to see wrinkles and fine lines on their face, weaker connective tissue, failing joint health and less skin elasticity

What many have found is when they started adding collagen through collagen supplements, their skin, hair, nails and joints improved.

Some even had their youthful glow return, while others felt like being more active. 

Even others found increasing their collagen intake helped them lose weight!

So now you can see why adding collagen to your diet can help you make you feel and look younger than you are!

Let's get started on our collagen coffee review!

The Winner for Collagen Coffee Reviews

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VitaCup Beauty Coffee

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VitaCup Beauty Blend Coffee

Dr. Kellyann Collagen Coffee

Bulletproof The Original Roast Coffee Pod

The Hill Instant Coffee Packets for Women

While you're at it, you'll also want to check out the best-tasting collagen coffee creamer to easily boost your collagen intake for the day.

Collagen Coffee Reviews for Single Serve Brewers

1. VitaCup Beauty Blend Coffee 

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VitaCup Beauty Blend Coffee is a high-grade premium collagen coffee packed with vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy ingredients.

By adding in 1g bovine-sourced collagen, it's specially designed to help rejuvenate and maintain vibrant hair, radiant skin and healthy nails, all in a convenient, single-serve coffee pod.

First, there is no added sugar to this coffee, making it a keto and paleo-friendly option.

This Beauty Blend coffee offers collagen types I and III from bovine (cattle/cow) sources.

Also, this product  includes several B vitamins including biotin and folic acid to help provide you with healthy, strong hair and roots.

VitaCup is made with medium-roasted premium coffee beans from Mexico and Brazil and roasted, blended, and nitrogen-sealed in the USA.

In addition, the 100% real sweet cinnamon acts as a perfect antioxidant to improve the immune system and charges your metabolism. 

In closing, you'll want to know that Vitacup is gluten-, dairy- and soy-free.

Finally, there is no risk to try Vitacup Beauty Blend Coffee since the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • 1g bovine collagen/serving
  • Cinnamon adds a sweet flavor and health benefits
  • No added sugar and low carb
  • Keto- and Paleo-friendly
  • No dairy, soy or gluten
  • Recycleable, biodegradable and compostable pods, PBA-free

2. Dr. Kellyann

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Each packet of this convenient collagen instant coffee comes with yumminess built in...let's find out why!

To start with, each serving has 6g of protein to start your day. It's only 30 with no fat, carbs or sugar.

Equally important, Dr. Kellyann's collagen coffee is dairy-free, soy-free, grain-free and all ingredients are non-GMO.

You'll love how easy it is to enjoy this coffee treat. Simply add the micro-ground coffee in each packet and mix well with 8 ounces of water.

What makes this collagen coffee so appealing is there are minimal ingredients in this product.

What are the ingredients?

The first ingredient is 100% grass-fed hydrolyzed bone broth collagen peptides powder and amino acids. 

Second, there's 100% Brazilian coffee that offers a smooth, light flavor that delights with hints of chocolate.

Also, you'll find sea salt and other natural flavors and supplement to enhance this healthy instant coffee.

If you're practicing a Keto, Paleo or weight loss diet, you'll especially love this collagen instant coffee!


  • 6g per serving of protein from pasture-raised bovine sources
  •  30 calories, no fat or carbs in each serving
  • 100% micro-ground Brazilian coffee
  • A hint of chocolate flavor
  • Other supplements and natural flavors
  • Sugar-, wheat-, soy- and grain-free, non-GMO ingredients
  • Perfect for Keto, Paleo or other weight loss diets

3. Bulletproof: The Original Roast Coffee Pod

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If you want to start each day being your best self all day, then you'll want to find out more about Bulletproof pods for single-serve coffee makers.

This coffee pod along with adding MCT oil and butter or ghee is an excellent way to not only improve your focus, but it also can help you lose or maintain your weight. 

Add in Bulletproof's collagen powder and your cup of coffee will keep you feeling full and satisfied for a good portion of the day!

If you're on Keto, Paleo, practice intermittent fasting, The Flexitarian Diet or any other weight loss/maintenance diet, you'll want to start your day with Bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof hits the mark with their high-quality, organic beans that are grown on Rainforest Alliance-certified, passive-organic estates without any herbicides or pesticides. 

After harvest, the beans are medium-roasted in small batches in the United States.

Importantly, there's a proprietary process Bulletproof uses to make sure there are no mold toxins in their coffee to affect your health or taste.

These toxins, present in other coffees, can rob you of your natural energy and mental agility.

Finally, the final roast goes through lab testing to make sure the coffee meets quality and purity standards--otherwise known as 'certified clean coffee'

Although this collagen coffee review includes a product that doesn't contain collagen protein, we love the pure nature of this coffee as the base to include collagen powder and any other ingredients you'd like.


  • 0g of collagen protein (you can add collagen powder to coffee)
  • High-quality, organic coffee beans
  • Beans come from Rainforest Alliance-certified, passive-organic estates
  • The base of Bulletproof coffee formula
  • A proprietary process to eliminate mold toxins
  • Certified clean coffee

4. The Hill Instant Single Serve


Because the cream and sweetener are in the coffee mix itself, this version of coffee with collagen is popular with backpackers and busy people who are on the go.

The collagen for this coffee is provided by well-known and well-respected Vital Proteins. Therefore, you can feel confident in the high-quality protein used in this product. 

Because it comes in stick packs, The Hill is easy to slip into your purse or pocket and mix up while away from home. 

Users commented on how much they enjoyed the taste and boldness of the coffee--they found there was a nice balance between the cream, sweetener and coffee.

The Hill coffee doesn't have dairy but it does contain bovine (cow/cattle)-sourced collagen. 

To conclude, there are 15 packets in each box and The Hill is not manufactured in the United States.


  • 1g bovine collagen oer serving
  • 14g of carbs per serving
  • Creamer, honey and coffee all in one
  • Convenient
  • Although the collagen is provided by Vital Proteins from the US, the product is manufactured overseas
  • Dairy-free


Like with every review we post, there are several factors we consider when making a final recommendation--this collagen coffee review is no exception.

The three factors we considered most important in this review included the amount of collagen per serving, other added ingredients and quality of the coffee. 

After an in-depth review, our Editor chose Vitacup Beauty Blend Coffee as the ultimate winner.

Not only is the coffee high-quality, but the company adds in vitamins, minerals, cinnamon and there's no added sugar.

That they really liked is that In addition to the hydrolyzed collagen peptides, this coffee also includes biotin and folic acid.

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Whichever collagen coffee in this review you chose, we hope you have a satisfying cup!