6 Best Collagen Supplements For Arthritis [2021]

best collagen supplements for arthritis

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Osteoarthritis, where the cartilage between joints breaks down due to overuse or injury, is the most common joint disorder in the United States. It's estimated 27 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis. If you experience arthritis, osteoarthritis or general joint pain, you'll want to check out our in-depth, detailed review of the best collagen supplements for arthritis and joint pain.

The Nature of Collagen

In short, collagen is a strong, flexible protein in humans (men and women) and animals. It's often called the scaffolding or 'glue' that holds the body together--and rightly so.

Collagen protein appears everywhere in the human body and has these important jobs:

  • provides skin elasticity
  • supports connective tissue (including cartilage and your pelvic floor)
  • maintains gut health
  • makes hair thicker and nails harder
  • strengthens arteries
  • increases muscle mass
  • ...and more

Unfortunately, new collagen production starts to slow down to where you start to lose more protein to the tune of approximately 1% each year.

As you approach your 30s and beyond, your body will not create as much new collagen as what you were born with. The eventual collagen deficiency will create wrinkles, fine lines, achy joints, disappearing cartilage, weaker arteries, smaller muscles and more.

However, a collagen supplement (and bone broth) can serve as an anti-inflammatory to help preserve your cartilage against one-on-bone contact.

Finally, when you add any new supplement, we highly suggest consulting with your healthcare provider, especially if you are taking prescribed medications.

Also, it's important to start slow, work your way up to the recommended dosage and use the collagen peptide supplement consistently. 

With all this in mind, we'll get started on our best supplements for arthritis review!

Our Winner After Many Hours of Research

best collagen supplement for arthritis

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Vitauthority MOVE

Our Rating

Best Collagen Supplements for Arthritis Rating Chart

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Our Rating

best collagen supplement for arthritis

Vitauthority MOVE Premium

Genacol Plus

Vibrant Health Joint Vibrance

SALCOLL Salmon Collagen Capsules

Enviromedica Cartilage Collagen

NeoCell - Collagen Type 2 Joint Complex

Best Collagen Supplements for Arthritis Reviews

1. Vitauthority MOVE Premium

best collagen supplement for arthritis

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Starting off in our review is Vitauthority's MOVE...it's no wonder our editor chose this product as one of the best supplements for arthritis!  Let's learn more why it made the final recommendation choice...

Although there are several reasons why joint pain shows up (not getting enough exercise is one of them), chronic and high inflammation are right up on the list as to why people suffer from pain.

Why is inflammation so damaging? Over time, inflammation attacks joint tissues and most often causes swelling, cartilage and bone damage and loss of muscle. Over time, the negative affects keep compounding and worsening conditions.

The biggest driver of inflammation comes for a crappy diet--too much sugar and salt from processed foods are particularly harmful. Add in not drinking enough water or exercise, and the inflammation continues to do damage.

Enter the all-natural ingredient MOVE joint health supplement to help you reduce inflammation and maintain joint health.

Here's the Deal:

MOVE Premium Joint Support combines a powerful combination of effective, safe and all-natural ingredients that will help you experience a better quality of life.

They include:

  • Glucosamine: Both are natural compounds in your body and concentrated in cartilage and in the fluid around the joints. Glucosamine is extracted from shellfish and can be synthetically made in labs as well, so if you're allergic to shellfish, this won't be the best joint support product for you. 
  • Chondroitin is a similar naturally-occurring compound that also helps create and maintain cartilage. A study of 200 people showed a decrease in markers for inflammation after using glucosamine and chondroitin together in one dietary supplement. Although more research is needed, studies have certainly been promising!
  • MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): A natural compound found in your body. Also, some research shows it's effective to reduce osteoarthritis symptoms, including inflammation, especially when combined with glucosamine and/or chondroitin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: A natural lubricant in your body and especially in the joints. Well-lubricated joints help the cartilage to be flexible and last longer.
  • Collagen: The ingredient list includes a high quality type II collagen from eggshell membrane. Research studies have shown collagen protein can help support your cartilage to alleviate joint pain, stiffness and inflammation. Not only that, but it will also help your flexibility.
  • Turmeric:  Also known as curcumin, the turmeric spice is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and is found on the ingredient list for MOVE.

You can see how powerful this formula may be for your arthritis so you can enjoy an active life with friends and family.

Also, why it's our editor's pick for the best collagen supplement for arthritis on the market.

Furthermore, MOVE is produced in the United States in a good manufacturing practices facility, third-party tested for quality and soy, dye and caffeine free.

If you order MOVE today, you'll get free US shipping and a 60-day empty container money back guarantee--so you have nothing to lose!


  • Ingredient list includes glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Happy Joint Matrix includes collagen, turmeric, MSM and hyaluronic acid
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant formula to help support healthy joints
  • Manufactured in the US in a gGMP facility and third-party tested
  • Soy, dye and caffeine free
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Try risk-free with a 60-day money back-empty container guarantee

2. Genacol Plus

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Next up in our review is the joint pain reducing supplement from Genacol. Let's dive more into why Genacol is a trusted name in the joint and arthritis collagen supplement market.

First, founded in the mid-1990s, Genacol prides itself on being a family-owned company. Because of their success in helping people, it's one of the market leaders and its products are now available in over 40 countries worldwide.

Importantly, Genacol offers a proprietary and patent-pending AminoLock formula.

This formula breaks down grass-fed bovine-sourced collagen protein into even smaller molecules than other products. The smaller molecules make their collagen product more absorbable (bio-available) by your body.

Here's the deal...

better absorption translates into better results.

Along with this, AminoLock has a mix of enzymes to create a specific amino acid profile at matches the amino acids that makeup collagen protein.

What's nice is because of Genacol's proprietary formula, a lesser dosage per serving is needed. Only 3 capsules are included in a serving which means a bottle will last longer.

In fact, the capsules are on the smaller side and easier to swallow for those who struggle with this. (It's also available in a liquid format which you might like better.)

It should be noted that there is actual scientific proof of Genacol's effectiveness to reduce inflammation and joint discomfort from three different clinical studies.

Each serving contains 1.2 grams of grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle/cows from the United States.  Additionally, glucosamine is also added to the formula (if you're allergic to shellfish, this supplement for joint discomfort is not for you).

Genacol is manufactured in Canada in a good manufacturing practice facility. Its ingredients are gluten-free, non-GMO and sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle/cows from America.

Luckily, you're able to try this collagen supplement for your joint pain without any risk--Genacol offers a generous 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.


  • Scientifically-proven to help reduce arthritis pain
  • Patent-pending proprietary AminoLock collagen formula
  • Comes in multiple formulas and formats
  • Fewer capsules per serving (for those who don't like taking pills!)
  • 100% money-back guarantee

3. Vibrant Health Joint Vibrance (Version 5.0)

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In our detailed review of the only collagen powder in our review, it can be mixed in the liquid of your choice (warm or cold), can bake or cook with it and the dosage is more easily adjusted.

For your information, Joint Vibrance is made from bovine-sourced hydrolyzed collagen. Each serving (1 scoop per day) contains 8.6g of type I collagen from bovine sources and 2g of type II collagen from avian sources (chicken or turkey).

Since there are two types of collagen, you’ll not only receive the potential arthritis pain-reducing benefits of type II collagen but also receive the potential gut health, skin elasticity, hair and nails benefits of type I collagen.

Additionally, the company adds useful ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, MSM, turmeric and grapeseed extract.

Joint Vibrance includes natural and organic Stevia for sweetening, along with other natural additives.

A powder option may work better for you and is more flexible since you can add it to liquids, water or smoothies.


  • Type I and type II collagen
  • Additional helpful vitamins and minerals are included
  • Product claims to help regenerate cartilage if the cartilage is still present
  • Convenient powder that can be mixed in liquid
  • Easy to adjust the serving size

4. SALCOLL Salmon Collagen Capsules

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The higher-priced option in our collagen supplements for arthritis and joint pain review, Salcoll Collagen seems to be well worth it as reviews report strong, positive results for users.

The collagen contained in Salcoll is sourced from wild-caught salmon fish (marine) skin. Further, it is produced in Poland for an American company.

In fact, fish is known to have smaller collagen protein molecules as compared to bovine sources.

That means marine collagen starts off being more bio-available than bovine collagen.

There are all-natural ingredients in Salcoll’s salmon collagen supplement—only salmon-derived collagen and lemon extract are included.

Also, there is lactic acid in the ingredients, however, lactic acid is an organic acid.

Each serving is 4 capsules and contains 8.8g of salmon collagen and .05g of vitamin C (vitamin C is crucial to make new collagen protein, along with other potential health benefits).

Since this collagen supplement is sourced from fish, Salcoll may appeal to vegetarians.


  • Reviews say it's a highly-effective, joint pain-reducing product
  • Powerful and highly bioavailable collagen from wild-caught salmon
  • Produced in Poland, distributed by an American company

5. Environmedica

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As we mention in our complete buyer’s guide, there's been a study that shows undenatured type II collagen protein could be a good way to lessen arthritis and joint pain.

The first product in our review for best collagen supplements for arthritis and joint pain is Environmedica.

Environmedica capsules are made from undenatured Type II collagen protein that is derived from bovine (cow) sources.

First, type II bovine collagen is derived from the trachea of pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle/cows in New Zealand. 

Second, each serving of 4 capsules contains 30g of bovine tracheal cartilage, 12g of type II collagen and 5g of undenatured type II collagen. 

In addition, their collagen formula includes 5.25g of chondroitin sulfate. Chondroitin is important because it helps to keep cartilage from breaking down.

Not only is their product effective in the support of joints, ligaments, tendons and bones, but Environmedica capsules also positively affect the immune system and acts as an immunoregulator.

Environmedica is made in an FDA-registered facility and cGMP compliant facility in Austin, TX.

As a matter of fact, this collagen supplement is completely clean—there is no dairy, wheat, yeast, gluten, corn, sugar, soy, shellfish, tree nuts or preservatives.

In addition, it’s made without stearates, fillers, binders, flow agents or additives.

In closing, this arthritis collagen product may be exactly what you've been looking for!


  • Concentrated Type II collagen for joint support
  • Bovine-sourced collagen from grass-fed, pasture-raised New Zealand cattle/cows
  • Convenient capsules
  • Completely clean, no artificial ingredients or additives
  • Made in the United States

6. NeoCell - Collagen Type 2 Joint Complex

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Next up in our review is from NeoCell.

NeoCell capsules have a concentrated dose of type II hydrolyzed chicken collagen and type II collagen is the key structural protein in cartilage tissue

Each serving is 4 capsules and contains 2.4g type II collagen protein.

Also, each serving naturally contains .84g each of glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid (all of which support joint lubrication and help reduce joint inflammation).

Additionally, this collagen joint dietary supplement is not made with any soy, wheat, lactose or artificial flavors.

The company uses recycled materials for their bottles and proudly supports the international charity organization, Vitamin Angels.

This product is easy to take and could be what you've been searching for to help lessen joint pain. 


  • Concentrated type II joint-supporting collagen
  • Includes glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid
  • Made with no artificial ingredients or additives
  • Supports Vitamin Angels, a worldwide charitable organization


All of these products are of high quality and would be worthy of trying to help lessen your joint pain and support joint health. We felt the same way after doing our in-depth review!

However, there was one clear winner where our editor chose Vitauthority MOVE as the best overall collagen supplement for arthritis.

The strong anti-inflammatory formula and quality ingredients could be the answer you've been looking for to avoid joint pain and support joint health.

best collagen supplement for arthritis

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