4 Best Red Light Therapy For Hair At Home [2021]

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According to Harvard Health Publishing, at least one-third of all women will experience some kind of hair loss and receding hair at some point in their lifetime. In this review, we will bring you the best red light therapy devices for hair at home.

While it's true that hair loss occurs in both men and women (a common condition known as alopecia and androgenetic alopecia/male pattern baldness in men), it is, unfortunately, less socially acceptable when it happens to women.

In fact, double-blind clinical trials show significant improvements for both women and men when the anti-aging level laser light therapy was used to stimulate hair growth.

Red light therapy works by using wavelengths of light to increase blood flow and blood circulation and stimulate the energy center of your cells.

Not only that but LED or red light can help your body naturally create new collagen protein to strengthen the skin.

Importantly, red and near-infrared light can be used for treating hair loss, increase hair density and hair count with no known side effects. It's also an excellent addition if you had a hair transplant (or want to avoid one!)

If you don't want to lose hair and would love to grow hair, check out the best red light therapy devices for hair that you can use in private from the comfort of your home, saving you time and money.

Our Winner After Many Hours of Research

red light therapy for hair loss hairmax laserband-82-main

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HairMax LaserBand 82

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Best Red Light Therapy For Hair At Home Rating Chart

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Our Rating

red light therapy for hair loss hairmax laserband-82-main

HairMax Laser Band 82

iRestore helmet hair regrowth stop hair loss

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

Wolezek Red Light Therapy Bulb

Herstyler Pro LED Hair Dryer

Best Red Light Therapy For Hair At Home

1. HairMax LaserBand 82

red light therapy for hair loss hairmax laserband-82-main

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This is, by far, one of the most compact and best medical-grade red light therapy products on the market.

First, the hair regrowth laser lights on the HairMax LaserBand 82 are found on the inner surface of the machine.

Actually, these soft teeth surround the light diodes are unique and a patented feature of HairMax.

In fact, these protrusions part your hair when you use this hairband-like device and allows for the maximum amount of light to reach the scalp.

Second, as the name would suggest, the HairMax LaserBand 82 has 82 medical-grade lasers that can cover the whole of your scalp in 3 sections.

Most importantly, the medical-grade lasers provide a powerful 1,230mW total energy output!

Third, this hairband-like laser hair growth device is not only lightweight and portable, but it also offers you one of the fastest hair loss treatment times available today. In as little as 20 minutes or less, you can complete a red light therapy treatment.

The proof of HairMax's effectiveness shows up in many ways. To start with, HairMax is validated by 8 FDA clearances.

Also, there are 7 clinical studies and 6 published medical journals on the science and treatment of hair loss by using their products.

Hairmax hair loss growth supplements

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Importantly, in December 2014, the HairMax® LaserBand was granted FDA approval for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia* (pattern hair loss) in both men and women.

Finally, if for some reason you are not satisfied with this product, they offer a generous 2-year manufacturer warranty plus a 6-month money-back guarantee (less a 20% restocking fee).

HairMax Red Light Therapy Before and After Images

Hairmax hair loss growth serum

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Here are some amazing before and after images for women who had success with HairMax technology.

Although each person's experience is not identical, see for yourself if the investment in a HairMax device is worth it from the results you see here!

If you click on each image, it will get bigger so you can see the before and after images more clearly.

hairmax reviews before-after-45
hhairmax reviews before-after-45_2
hhairmax reviews before-after-45_3


*Individual results will vary

Other HairMax Hair Growth Devices

Hairmax hair growth cap
HairMax hair growth LaserComb

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  • Convenient headband design
  • HairMax is the pioneer in at-home hair loss/growth technology
  • Patented hair-parting teeth design
  • 82 Medical-grade red laser diodes
  • Generous manufacturer's and money-back guarantees
  • Validated by 8 FDA clearances, 7 clinical studies and 6 published medical journals

2. iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore helmet hair regrowth stop hair loss

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iRestore has been the go-to hair low-level light laser device for thousands of people for quite a while now.

As a matter of fact, it was the best-selling hair regrowth laser light device in 2019.

There are several very good reasons for that title and here they are: 


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  • Features an optimal 650nm red light wavelength that has been known to encourage and even increase hair growth rates.
  • 51 medical-grade lasers that radiate light energy, which is absorbed by your hair follicles.
  • The cap/helmet design provides all-over even and consistent coverage with the red light. 
  • A unique ventilated pattern helps keep your head cool and comfortable.
  • Easy to use and comfortable.

Actually, one of the main reasons this device is so popular is that it bases its claims on scientific research.

irestore hair loss shampoo and conditioner

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A National Taiwan University Hospital trial from 2015 found that this device encouraged hair regrowth rates by over 15% and that it works perfectly fine in both men and women.

Not only that, bit it's also FDA-cleared, durable, lightweight, comfortable and hands-free. 

In addition, you can also buy a battery pack which makes the product cordless and easy to travel with.

In closing, iRestore offers a generous 6-month money-back guarantee and promises to show you visible hair regrowth results within 3-6 months of continuous use.

iRestore Before and After Images

Check out these results!  Everyone's experience is different, but it is exciting to see these success cases.

iRestore cap system before and after photos
iRestore cap system before and after photos 2
iRestore cap system before and after photos 3


  • FDA cleared
  • 51 medical-grade red LED lights
  • Easy to use, convenient and lightweight
  • Ventilation for a cool, comfortable head during use
  • Must be plugged in during a treatment
  • Optional battery pack available for purchase
  • Studies show their hair loss products produce results
  • Solid 6-month-results guarantee

3. Wolezek Red Light Therapy Bulb

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This is a hand-held device that uses infrared light therapy that has a bulb that has 18 pieces of high-powered LEDs inside it. Of these 18 pieces, nine are 660nm far-infrared LED, and the other nine are 850nm near-infrared LEDs.

Be aware, it's also the reason why you will notice only half the LED lights to appear illuminated. 

Since this durable red light bulb has a 90-degree glass lens, it has an improved irradiance, which does wonders not only for helping hair growth, but also can be used for your entire body.

Be aware the bulb does not come with a stand.

Finally rest-assured, after you buy this light therapy device, you'll get a 12-month warranty, including a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  • 18 Red and infrared LED diodes
  • Multipurpose--for head/hair and body
  • A durable 90-degree glass bulb
  • Stand is not included and has to be purchased separately
  • Longer treatment times than other more powerful devices
  • Easily portable
  • Worldwide electrical connection
  • 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee

4. Herstyler Pro LED Hair Dryer

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What if you could eliminate frizz while promoting hair regrowth at the same time? This easy-to-use Herstyler Pro LED Hair Dryer does just that and more.

Designed with a unique combination of a red LED light therapy and negative ion technology, this hair dryer helps to regrow hair while drying your hair and calming frizz.

It's an exceptionally easy-to-use device that has a unique ergonomic design making it light in weight, quite powerful and rather convenient to use, store, and even carry around with you.

In closing, you can be efficient by getting the potential hair regrowth benefits of red light in this high-quality, frizz-busting hairdryer.


  • Do two things at once--stop thinning hair while drying your hair
  • Eliminate frizz with negative ion technology
  • Set your style with a cool shot
  • 2 heat settings, 2-speed settings, 2 concentrators
  • 1800-watt motor, hanging ring, light-weight
  • Lower investment to buy
  • Attractive packaging for gift-giving


  • Not as strong as other products


First, no matter which of these best red light therapy for hair at home, you can't go wrong.

There are three important things to remember when buying a red light therapy device for hair growth:

  • Visible results come from consistent and prolonged use
  • Typically, the stronger the hair growth device is, the more it will cost
  • A stronger product usually means less treatment time and quicker success
red light therapy for hair loss hairmax laserband-82-main

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If you are serious about stopping hair loss, hair thinning and growing new hair, your best choice would be the HairMax 82 Headband.

Our second runner up choice would be the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System.

If the situation with your hair is bumming you out, consider investing in the best red light therapy products for thinning hair and hair regrowth today.


Does infrared help baldness?

Studies have shown Infrared light penetrates deeper through the skin's layers  to improve blood circulation and activate the energy center in cells to help active follicles produce more hair strands.

It's important to note that dead follicles can't be resurrected. So it's important that you take care of the active follicles you have.

Keep in mind that infrared light does generate some heat.

How often should you do red light therapy?

There are many variables to determine how often you should do red light therapy. Some of the variables include age, skin condition and strength/quality of the device you're using.

We would recommend consulting with your health care professional for guidance, along with the manufacturer's instructions for time and sessions guidance.

Importantly, you don't want to overuse a red light therapy product. Overuse can over-stimulate the follicles and lessen the results.

However, overall, if it's a quality device, 5-10 min of targeted sessions for 3-5 sessions period week will give you an idea of what's possible.

Finally, realize it will be at least 6 months of consistent treatment to see visible results and consistent treatments afterward to maintain those results.

How much is laser treatment for hair growth?

For at-home laser treatments to help grow new hair, the cost will vary depending on the strength and quality of the device.

In general, quality, powerful devices are under $1000 and you will own the device to use from the privacy and convenience of your home.

Furthermore, if you have others in your home that use the device, that will lower the cost per session considerably.

Also, you'll want to use other hair growth products like Minoxidil, Propecia, hair growth shampoos and conditioner and supplements while using low level light therapy (LLLT). Red light therapy helps makes these products sink deeper into the skin and work harder for you.

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What are the side effects of red light therapy for hair loss?

Generally, there are no side effects of using red light therapy for hair loss or to grow new hair. Light therapy at home is safe, easy to use, pain free and is drug-free.

Actually, that's a good sign as the laser energy causes the hair follicle to shed damaged hairs and regrow healthy ones.

Additionally, some wonder about getting cancer from using laser therapy to grown hair. 

The truth is, unlike the sun, red light does not generate UV wavelengths. It's UV wavelengths that are linked to cancer. UV wavelengths are completely different than red light wavelengths.