The Ultimate BioSil Collagen Supplement Review

BioSil collagen supplement review

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BioSil Collagen Supplement Review


  • Scientifically proven (not just studied) to generate collagen
  • Proven clinical results: BioSil reduced wrinkles by 30%, increased skin elasticity by 89%, thickened hair by 12.8%, strengthened hair by 13.1% and dramatically increased nail hardness 
  • Clinically proven to generate the "3 Beauty Proteins": collagen, elastin, keratin 
  • Patented formula, ch-OSA®
  • Convenient capsule or drop form
  • No generally known side effects
  • Vegan
  • An easy-to-take serving of 2 capsules/day or 5 drops/day.
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Tested non-GMO
  • Endorsed by celebrity mode Christie Brinkley


  • A small percentage of people reported acne breakouts (possibly connected with silica in the product)
  • The cost may be too high for some
  • Don't take if pregnant, breastfeeding, under age 7 or on dialysis.
  • Takes time to see results--usually 4-5 weeks of consistent usage

BioSil Collagen Supplement Review

There's so much to like about BioSil, it's no wonder it's a popular supplement for women and men who want to hold off the effects of aging on their skin, hair, nails bones and joints.

Natural Factors BioSil Collagen Generator is a clinically-proven (not simply clinically tested) supplement that has shown to support increased levels of collagen, keratin, and elastin in the skin, hair and nails. 

BioSil's ingredients are non-GMO, all-natural and there are no metals.

This powerful collagen supplement offers a patented formula called ch-OSA®. ch-OSA® is a complex that combines pharmaceutical-grade choline chloride and silicon clean silicon dioxide.

Importantly, silica is the second largest element in our body, second only to oxygen. Amino acids, silica and vitamin C are required for the formation of collagen.

Finally, clinical and actual user results proved BioSil's effectiveness to help strengthen hair, smooth out skin and harden nails.

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BioSil's Trifecta: Collagen, Elastin, Keratin

The condition of your hair, skin, and nails depends on three proteins, named by BioSil as the “Three Beauty Proteins".

BioSil is designed to help create these proteins within your body.

Here's more on the 'three beauty proteins' you'll want to add to your daily anti-aging routine:

  • Collagen: A wide-spread protein found throughout the body in muscles, connective tissues, bones, joints, cartilage, skin and hair. Collagen is in 75% of skin, 70% of cartilage in joints, 30% of bones and a hefty 90% of tendons and ligaments. Collagen plumps up skin from the inside and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen also helps increase blood flow to the scalp, important if we want to hang onto the hair we already have.
  • Elastin: A protein found in elastic tissues such as skin. Elastin allows stretched structures to snap back to their original form. Elastin protein also is important for organs and eyes to function. 
  • Keratin: Keratin is the protein in your hair shaft. Thickness, body, strength and elasticity is associated with the amount of keratin in hair. It also provides strength and clarity to your nails.

Does BioSil Really Work?

biosil collagen supplement proven results skin elasticity
biosil collagen supplement proven results wrinkles

BioSil's active, patented ingredient is ch-OSA®. Scientific studies have proven ch-OSA® helps the body to produce and protect collagen, keratin and elastin.

What exactly is ch-OSA®? It is a complex that combines pharmaceutical-grade choline chloride and silicon extracted from highly purified silicon dioxide (sand).

Oxygen is the largest element in our body--silica is our second largest. Altogether, we need silica, amino acids and vitamin C to form collagen in our body.

It should be noted that ch-OSA® is not made from any animal or fish. Therefore, it is vegan.

According to BioSil's website, study participants who used BioSil experienced the following results:  

  • Reduced fine line and wrinkles by 30.0%*
  • Increased skin elasticity 89.0%*
  • Strengthened hair by 13.1%§
  • Thickened hair by 12.8%§
  • Dramatically strengthened nails 

* After 20 weeks versus the placebo group.
§ After 36 weeks versus the placebo group.

BioSil also has clinically proven its product effectiveness in bone and joint health.  

In clinical trials, participants showed a 15% increased bone collagen formation at the hip region, over and above taking calcium and Vitamin D alone for a year.

biolsil collagen supplements proven results hair thickness

BioSil Collagen Supplement Celebrity Endorsement - Christie Brinkley

Finally, if the proven scientific studies aren't convincing enough, Christie Brinkley, a famous model and timeless beauty, is an outspoken fan of BioSil.

As Christie says, "She never misses a day" to take a BioSil supplement to improve her hair, nails and skin.