reVive Light Therapy Lip Care Review: How You Can Get Rid Of Wrinkles And Plump Lips

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If deep lines around your mouth, and thinning lips, are getting you down, you can get rid of wrinkles around your lips by using reVive Light Therapy Lip Care device.

In studies, red light therapy was discovered to help increase collagen in the skin, which helps to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

Not only that, but red light therapy is also shown to plump up tissue and skin that can help your lips to look fuller too.

Furthermore, you can have these types of results without any doctor visits, injections, pain or a long amount of time in treatment.

Actually, it may be the best anti-aging approach to get rid of wrinkles around your lips. 

Let's get started to discover more about reVive Light Therapy Lip Care.

Experience the benefits of red light therapy for your face, including around your lips, by using an at-home red light therapy mask or device. Check out our review of the best masks and devices for the face on the market here.

reVive Light Therapy Lip Care Review

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This lip care red light therapy device may be just what you need to bring back your full and kissable lips.

reVive Light Therapy Lip Care and its incredible results have been mentioned in several online magazines such as,, and!

Let's get started on our review...

reVive Light Therapy Lip Care Details

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The reVive Light Therapy Lip Care device works from the inside out. It is designed to generate the natural production of collagen in your body.

In addition to anti-aging effects, this device is designed to enhance lip tone and plumpness giving a fuller appearance to your lips.

What's even better is you don't have to go to a doctor's office for time-consuming multiple, expensive treatments, endure injections or experience pain to see results.

This lip care anti-device can help with minimizing damage caused by sunburn, bruising, cuts and scrapes and cold sores.

In only 3-minute anti-aging treatment sessions at home, you can help improve the look of your mouth and lips.

Furthermore, the reVive Light Therapy Lip Care is safe for all skin types and helps to:

  • Enhance lip tone
  • Minimize smile lines, vertical lip lines and lip creases
  • Enhance plumpness giving a fuller appearance
  • Stimulate natural collagen and elastin production
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Energize and rejuvenate cells

Technically, this is an FDA-cleared medical device. It also has an auto shut-off functionality so as to not overdue the session. 

In addition, the device comes with a clear, removable tray, convenient storage page, universal USB and power cord and instruction manual.

reVive Light Therapy Lip Care Before and After Photos

Courtesy of, take a look at the results of this woman's experience after using the reVive Light Therapy Lip Care device.

reVive light therapy lip care device review comment
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revive light therapy light care photo before and after


  • Easy to use at home
  • Smooths out wrinkles and fine lines
  • 3-min treatment session
  • Concentrated, targeted, inside-out, painless treatments
  • Increases natural collagen and elastin production
  • Rejuvenates cells


  • Must use consistently to see and maintain results


How can I stimulate collagen in my lips?

Although you won't be able to go back to when you're a teenager, there are ways to stimulate collagen in your lips.

One way is to use the power of red light to encourage the production of new collagen and elastin.

The production of new collagen and elastin will help reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well as plump up your lips.

How do you use reVive lip treatment?

Wash the area with your favorite cleanser and dry. Press the power button and insert plastic piece into your mouth. Leave the device in for 3 minutes--the device will automatically shut off after 3 minutes.

Is red light therapy harmful?

Generally, there are no known side or harmful effects of red light therapy. Each person is different, so you'll have to monitor your own experience.

Importantly, you have to be patient to see results and have to use the device consistenly to maintain those results.

Do you have to wear goggles in red light therapy?

We would recommend using eye protection during any red light therapy treatment session. The red light is very bright and may be uncomfortable for you without goggles.

Is it safe to do red light therapy everyday?

Red light therapy to plump up lips and reduce wrinkles and line is one skincare treatment that can be used multiple times a day.

Actually, if you use it more than once a day, you may see faster results. 


Red light therapy is a popular, modern anti-aging device that is painless, easy and without known side effects. 

Actually, reVive Light Therapy Lip Care device could be the best treatment for wrinkles around your lips.

Also, It's effective for plumping up thin and small lips.

Either way, our reVive Light Therapy Lip Care review provides you all the details and benefits the device can offer with consistent use.

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Each treatment session is a short 3-minutes and there's an auto shutoff so you can't overdo it. Because you can do the treatments at home, you'll make up the cost of the device in no time. 

Not only that, because you own the device, you can do a session whenever you'd like, thereby overcoming the cost of the device in no time.

If you want younger and sexier-looking lips, the reVive Light Therapy Lip Care LED machine is the answer you've been looking for!