Top-Rated Clean Collagen Supplements Reviews [2021]

clean collagen supplements reviews

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In our review, we chose a variety of top-rated clean collagen supplements on the market today.

You'll find the perfect collagen supplement for you whether your preference is powder over a capsule, bovine over marine or even multi collagen.

The bottom line, none of the products reviewed here include any additional ingredients, natural or otherwise. As a result, these are all truly clean collagen supplement options.

As always, we recommend checking with your healthcare provider prior to starting a new supplement. Also, it's wise to start slowly with dosing to see what works for your body.

We hope you find this detailed review helpful when you decide which clean collagen peptides are best for you.

Okay, let's dive in...

Our Winner For Top-Rated Clean Collagen Supplements  

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Vitauthority Multi Collagen Peptides

Our Rating

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Top-Rated Clean Collagen Supplements Rating Chart

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Vitauthority Multi-Collagen Powder Supplement

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder Supplement

Ancestral Supplements (Living) Collagen Capsules 

Amandean Wild-Caught Marine Collagen

Purely Optimal Collagen Complex Capsules

Amy Myers, MD Collagen Protein Powder

Top-Rated Clean Collagen Supplements Reviews

1. Vitauthority Multi-Collagen Powder

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First, one of the best things we love about Vitauthority Multi Collagen Protein Powder Plus is how mixable it is. 

It's easily mixable because it features an industry first: agglomerated collagen peptides. The agglomerated peptides powder dissolves instantly in cold or hot liquids, with no lumps or clumps!

Second, each serving includes the all-in-one formula of collagen types I, II, III, V & X.

These types of collagen come from sustainably-sourced grass-fed bovine collagen , free-range chicken, wild caught marine and eggshell.

  • Types I, III and V will help reduce cellulite and wrinkles and supports skin elasticity and hydration.
  • The other types, II and X, supports bones, tendons, cartilage in joints and connective tissue.

Not only that, you also get hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, both of which are great for improving bone health, strengthening skin, hair and nails, gut health, skin hydration and more.

Third, in addition to flavorless, Vitauthority offers its popular tropical punch flavor along with strawberry, pink lemonade and chocolate.

If you prefer, you can also get this clean collagen supplement in capsule and convenient stick packs.

In closing, each serving contains 7.8g of collagen protein and is gluten, soy, GMO and dairy-free.

Along with this, all the ingredients are all-natural.


  • Includes 7.8g of collagen in one convenient powder
  • Industry first agglomerated collagen peptides, dissolved instantly in hot or cold liquids 
  • 30 calories, no carbs
  • Multiple delicious flavors along with flavorless
  • Versatile
  • Can be used in liquids or food


  • Shouldn't be used if allergic to eggs or fish
  • Not for vegans/vegetarians

2. Ancestral Supplements (Living) Capsules

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We love the concept of Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed (Living) Collagen--they consider their product a 'food' as opposed to a true supplement. Apparently, so do many functional medicine practitioners who use it with their patients.

In fact, the practitioners not only use the collagen product, they also use other offerings like Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed Bone Marrow and Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed Beef Organs.

As Ancestral Supplements explains, ancient populations and healers believed that to support the health of the organ of a person, they should eat the corresponding organ from an animal.

For example, if someone is having heart problems, they should eat the same organ from a healthy animal. 

Admittedly, most people wouldn't find this approach to be appealing!  Ancestral Supplements recognizes that and does all that work for you in their product.

Other collagen supplement companies use the hides, hooves and horns that normally aren't consumed by humans.

As a result, the collagen peptides produced are the sole ingredient in their product. 

Alternatively, what's produced in Ancestral's supplement unique processing and formula is 'living' collagen:

The company sources 100% of its ingredients from New Zealand's grass-fed cows and manufactures the final product (along with third-party testing) in Texas.

Their label does not indicate calories or carbs/serving in their capsules.

Most importantly, they genuinely support their customers. In fact, they strongly encourage customers to write to them directly with any questions or concerns they may have.

Finally, some may prefer the convenience with capsules and not have to deal with any mixing.


  • A nutritional powerhouse of 'living' collagen
  • Considered more of a 'food' than supplement
  • Uses additional parts of grass-fed cows
  • Convenient capsule form
  • Excellent consultative service
  • Part of a bigger line of supplements
  • Used by functional doctors to help heal patients


  • Not a good option if you don't like taking pills
  • Higher priced
  • Not for vegans/vegetarians

3. Vital Proteins

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Vital Proteins Original Collagen Peptides, a top-rated and popular clean collagen supplement (over 1400 reviews), has only one simple ingredient: collagen peptides. 

Their product is manufactured in the United States from pasture-raised and grass-fed bovine collagen from Brazil. 

Along with this, Vital Protein Original Collagen Peptides is non-GMO, with no added sugar, gluten or dairy.

Further, the collagen supplement is Paleo and Whole 30 friendly. Not only are there no other ingredients added, but there are also only 70 calories per serving and no carbohydrates.

Click on the image for pricing and more information. We love using a frother to mix our collagen supplement powder.

Importantly, each serving contains a hefty 20g of collagen protein.

Generally, health and fitness professionals suggest at least 10g of collagen extra per day is where results will be noticed.

In closing, the nice thing about powder is you're able to easily adjust the serving size to meet your needs. 


  • Highest collagen per serving
  • Grass-fed bovine sourcing
  • Unflavored
  • Easy to adjust the serving size
  • Versatile-add to liquid or food
  • 70 calories, no carbs
  • Tasteless and odorless


  • Not for vegans/vegetarians
  • Not the lowest cost in our review

4. Amandean Marine Collagen

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Sourced from fish (marine), Amandean is an excellent value for your money. We're going to explain why that's the case in this review.

Also, you may want to check out our extensive review of Amandean Marine Collagen specifically for more details.

Upon purchase, you will receive one 500g or 1.1 lb container of marine collagen powder. That's one of the largest containers available to buy.

Each serving of Amandean Marine Collagen contains 10g of marine collagen, 9g of protein and only 45 calories.

Also, there are no carbs to worry about adding into your daily total.

As we mentioned, Amandean is sourced from wild-caught fish from the North Atlantic, no farm-raised fish is used. 

Marine collagen offers a naturally smaller protein which means it has the highest rate of absorption than any other collagen types available.

Especially, Amandean manufactures their product in the USA and is rigorously tested for quality. 

Finally, you will also enjoy a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.


  • Collagen from wild-caught fish
  • Large size container
  • 45 calories, no carbs
  • Easy to adjust the serving size
  • Versatile-add to food and liquid
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Good for those who don't eat fish
  • Tasteless and odorless


  • Don't use if allergic to fish

5. Purely Optimal Capsules

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Purely Optimal, a highly-rated supplement could be the best collagen supplement for you.

In our review, the most prominent feature that clearly stands out with Purely Optimal Premium Multi Collagen Peptide Capsules is that it contains all the vital collagen types your body needs to thrive--conveniently included in one capsule.

This product will be the only hydrolyzed collagen supplement you will need since it contains all five types (I, II, III, V, X) on one convenient capsule.

Each serving contains only 1.5g of collagen. As a rule, experts suggest a minimum 10 g of collagen per day to see quicker results. So, this product is well under that minimum.

The company uses the highest-quality blend of grass-fed beef, fish, eggshell membrane, chicken and avian sternum collagen sources.

It's made in the USA in FDA Certified Facilities, GMO- and soy-free and undergoes strict testing standards.

Some people don't like taking pills, so this might not be the right format for them. If taking pills isn't a problem for you, then consider this hydrolyzed collagen as your trusted supplement.

Because people can be hesitant about starting a new supplement, they also offer a generous no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee, so there's no risk to give it a try!


  • Multi-collagen clean supplement offered in one convenient capsule form
  • Sourced from grass-fed bovine and other high-quality sources
  • No calories or carbs
  • Lower priced
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • May not like taking capsules
  • Not for vegans/vegetarians

6. Amy Myers, MD Powder

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Dr. Amy Myers is known for her best-selling book “The Autoimmune Solution”.

She points out that even if you eat a clean and healthy diet, you can still struggle to get as much collagen as our ancestors did.  

Because Dr. Myers had a hard time finding a clean, high-quality collagen source, she formulated her own collagen powder.

Made from grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, Dr. Myers' clean collagen supplement is also 100% non-GMO and kosher.

Moreover, there is no taste and dissolves easily in liquids and can be added to food.

Also, Dr. Myers' collagen protein is manufactured in the US, is keto- and paleo-friendly and contains over 11g of collagen per serving, 41 calories and no carbs.


  • 11g collagen grams/serving
  • 41 calories and no carbs per serving
  • Sourced from grass-fed cows
  • Versatile powder form
  • Easily adjust servings
  • Flavorless and odorless
  • Add to liquids or food


  • Not for vegetarians/vegans


When you choose to add a collagen supplement to your daily routine for its anti-aging and other powerful benefits, you may want one that is free from any artificial or natural additives.

After our exhaustive and detailed review, our Editor has chosen Vitauthority Multi-Collagen Powder Supplement as the best product that would appeal to anyone's goals or preferences.

The good news is, we know you will find a top-rated clean collagen supplement in our review that will be perfect for you.

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